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This document describes the new CALSchema Open Access (C-O-A) Standard. : The C-O-A is already XFORCE 56.. In a recent.. 14. 08. 2017 19:01 UTC. Updates. Index. Docs. Windows. Linux / (32-bit).
19. 2017 19:01 UTC. Updates. Index. Docs. Releases. Mac. Windows. Linux / (64-bit). SHAME! I
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We present the quantitative measurement of the spin-change optical free-induction decay (SOFID) signal in a two-sample system: water and perfluorodecaline. This signal has often been measured for a single molecule without considering the stochastic nature of the spin precession frequency. Furthermore, the SOFID signals of a single molecule in a time-varying field in the longitudinal (L-) and transverse (T-) directions are compared. Here, we employ a novel data analysis method to recover the SOFID signal, and this novel method is validated by directly relating the recovered SOFID signal with the L- or T-SOFID signal. This analysis provides two complementary methods of quantifying the SOFID signals. The L-SOFID signal of the single molecule can be measured accurately regardless of the precession time, whereas the T-SOFID signal exhibits a precession time dependence. The comparison of the L- and T-SOFID signals for a single molecule is achieved by first setting a threshold on the L-SOFID signal to distinguish the L-SOFID signals with different precession times, and then a second threshold on the T-SOFID signal to distinguish the T-SOFID signals with different precession times. The measured mean residence times of water and perfluorodecaline are 5 and 3 ms in L-SOFID and 11 and 11 ms in T-SOFID, respectively, which are in agreement with the values obtained by the conventional SOFID method.The present invention relates to a wire harness or the like to be installed in, for example, a motor vehicle.
There has been heretofore known an invention that defines, in a wire harness installed in a motor vehicle, a plurality of paths for passing through the motor vehicle, the paths

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