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Vyasa Mahabharata In Telugu Pdf Free Download

how could this be?? and what is all of this about?
some of us(srimad bhagwat prabhu) have been trying to find out more.
it appears this is some kind of a program of advertising, designed to convert people to iskcon in some way, and i don’t want to participate in it in any way.
i have nothing in common with all of this, and it is just an attempt to convert me to a cult.
i don’t believe in a god, but i don’t believe in demons either. there is a light in everyone, and that light is part of everyone as a loving essence.
this is not the place to discuss this, but it should be obvious to everyone here that
such a move has no place here, and i am calling upon everyone to get behind
hare krishna prabhu, against this rascal.

sri srila prabhupada say kamakoti bhave,suhir dehah sagar mantra, srilakumbho mantra,hrih
sri prabhupada says that spiritual life is simple. it is the chanting of the names of the lord as the way to realize god. he is not saying that there is no formal scholarly learning, just that the spiritual life can be realized without such study.

thanks for the link. yes, one of the sad things about our age is that there are so many things that can be faked, and if one has money and power, it is very easy to create things that look as if they came from the past. many people think that the printed sanskrit books that they read are the same as what was printed when srila prabhupada was alive. they are not the same, and very few people are aware of that. it is true that srila prabhupada used to be able to understand a lot of literature in sanskrit from a very early age, but he was not well versed in that literature. he was a very pure soul, and was able to gain more knowledge than many of his peers, but he was not a scholar.
so he would try to comment on whatever he read by explaining it to his disciples and those who were with him. that is how he learned most of his sanskrit literature. but he did not understand much of it.

the story of mahabharata begins with two sets of cousins, both of them brothers – the pandavas and the kauravas, who are brought together by an unfulfillable prophecy that they will one day go to war. the pandavas consist of five members, while the kauravas consist of thirteen members, though they are brought together more for their wealth and power than on account of their number.
the pandavas are heroes and are protected by krishna from the curses of their father – a kshatriya or warrior king. with their kingdom safe, they decide to return to the woods as ascetics, and learn austerities. krishna advises them to pursue a life of spiritual observances. when the kauravas, disappointed by the pandavas’ absence, begin the war, the pandavas prevail.
the pandavas themselves are greatly admired for their conduct; they are especially remembered for their humility and self-discipline. krishna is a cherished deity among hindus. he is a universal teacher and a divine figure who was the source of all the vedic disciplines, according to hindu mythology. he is the main deva avatar (incarnation) of vishnu, and is believed to represent the soul of vishnu. krishna plays a central role in the bhagavad-gita, a religious text of hinduism. for krishna is the supreme personality of godhead (vishnu) personally manifested on earth for instructing people on spiritual life. his life’s work is the salvation of all living entities. he is therefore considered more important than god or brahman.
a spiritual elite, capable of attaining the many varieties of divine knowledge, the vedas were the sacred scriptures that preceded the vedanta, the entire body of knowledge and philosophy that arose out of the vedas. the vedas consist of seven major texts: atharvaveda, yajurveda, samaveda, rigveda, and samaveda, which are said to have been composed at the same time, and the two upavedas. the vedas also include the brahmanas, aranyakas, and the vedangas.