Tsync 1.0 Excel To Tally Importer ⭐

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Tsync 1.0 Excel To Tally Importer

click the open button. the confirm import dialog opens. from the import tab, select data file. from the choose a file list, select the file you want to import. from the import options tab, select the types of data to import.

click ok. the import data dialog closes. you will be prompted to enter a parameter value. click the button next to the parameter box to select a cell. select the option to automatically refresh the spreadsheet when the value changes. you will see the imported data in the worksheet.

our company neat software solutions a leading company in excel to tally importing company provide solution to excel users to import their sales, purchase, bank statement and other data into tally in few clicks. we provide software solutions in tally, tms, field service management, employee management, inventory management etc. further we provide api’s to other’s partner application to extend functionality of excel and tally software.

we export & import ledger, items, sales & purchase voucher data from excel to tally with few clicks using our excel to tally importing tools. these includes purchase, sale voucher and journal entries. to know more go through our blog at:

we export & import ledger, items, sales & purchase voucher data from excel to tally with few clicks using our excel to tally importing tools. these includes purchase, sale voucher and journal entries. to know more go through our blog at:

if you are having problems opening the file, please make sure you have a recent copy of office installed. it is sometimes better to open the.xlsx file directly from excel. another option is to open the file in excel, save it as a.zip file, then open the.zip file directly.
i’d like to keep the applet app and remove the excel application – i can live without a spreadsheet, excel is a pain to use anyway and doesn’t really do anything that i can’t do more directly in tally.
i have tried this with tally 2013 and 2016 and excel 2016, and i get exactly the same error, even using a direct connection. i have also tried this with tally 2020 and excel 2019 and i get exactly the same error. i have tried this with 2 different.xlsx files, i have tried it with and without the filters set up, and i have tried it from inside and outside of excel.
the representative asked if i had tried the new version. she said it was much more like the old desktop software. i had tried it and i found it a bit better but not at all to my liking. it still does not let me edit vendors or other list items and there are few options except to add a record or click on a record to edit it, it is totally unintuitive, much like the version they are retiring. it does have a really slick colorful new interface, though.
i am struggling with the import. i added an account, but when i click on a vendor, it says “an unexpected error occurred.” it doesn’t tell me what the error is. if i add a vendor, it adds the vendor, but the vendor won’t tally. i’m thinking i’m not adding the account properly. but i don’t know how to add an account, or how to add a vendor.