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The Winter Pathway to your goals!

ASSA is passionate about helping Junior Snow Sports athletes get to the next level. Specifically, ASSA has been established for Snow Sport Athletes (10-16 years) of all schools, selected disciplines and/or community backgrounds to access equal opportunity and quality programming to assist our young people in progressing to the next competitive level, whilst reaching their own goals. 

ASSA was formed out of necessity, realising the difficulties that athletes and parents alike encountered in identifying and accessing potential athletic development pathways.

Problems such as missing school; suitable training programs; “the right coaches”; “combining education and training”; “Getting your child to the snow as you work/look after other children”; “The cost vs opportunities”. You name it, ASSA has heard of it!

ASSA really is the only business focussing on a truly holistic approach transporting your child to the Snow, accommodating your child (with qualified teachers/mentors), taking care of any educational requirements, and matching their developmental level with appropriate training options.

ASSA acts as a one-stop shop, focussing on matching the developmental needs of your child (educationally, emotionally and physically), all whilst doing so in a safe, conducive and appropriated challenging environment. Good fundamentals are the building blocks to successfully navigating the winter sport pathway, something ASSA is well equipped to manage with its teachers, physiotherapists and coaches all leading from the front.

This year alone, ASSA’s Young Athlete Hub program has enabled children from all backgrounds, across a range of strategically located geographic facilities to access good mentorship, programming and physical literacy to underpin the lifelong enjoyment, physical literacy framework. Learn. Perform. Feel. Enjoy! 


Craig Hammond, Director

Craig has been involved in the Australian Snow Sport industry for over 10 years as a School Coordinator, NSWS Board Member, NSW Interschools Committee Member and working professional.

As an athlete, reaching the pinnacle as a professional athlete, playing water polo for Great Britain as part of the 2012 Olympic Squad.

From a strong educational background, Craig was encouraged to combine sports and studies completing a Bachelor of Education and Master of Commerce whilst on scholarship at the University of Sydney.

As a professional, Craig has worked extensively in the areas of education, athlete welfare and sports management. This provided a conceptual understanding of sport, and the requirements of each; what it truly takes to get through the pathways; a differentiated and customised approach to best suit the learner; contacts to deliver the most beneficial programs and support structures for your young athlete!

Welcome to ASSA

Sara Gentin, Physiotherapist /Coach

Sara works as a physiotherapist and movement specialist in the child development and chronic injury space. Sara’s passion is to change the face of the health industry by focussing on movement and fundamentals, as the key to lifelong health.

Good movement, foundation, mentorship and mindfulness form the glue for successful athletic development. Sara’s approach challenges the ‘reactive care’ model, into more ‘proactive actions’. Effectively, learn, perform, feel!

Sara developed her approach through her experiences as a top-level athlete, winning the prestigious Pierre De Coubertain award at school and focussing her athletic energy on her passions of swimming, triathlon, surf lifesaving and anything that involved moving! As a working professional, Sara has worked with top surgeons, doctors, podiatrists and movement experts to craft her philosophy;
“we build resilience to unexpected loads and stresses and reduce injury by building balance back into our bodies through self-awareness and self-regulation of movement.”