I want to do a calculation. And within this calculation, it is then assigned to a variable called ‘MyService’. ‘MyService’ then gets another calculation and that results is then assigned to a variable called ‘MyVariable’.
Edit 2
I have tried using sys.argv[1] and sys.argv[2] and those aren’t working. Below is my script.
from math import *
import sys

Create a script called
Add this code to your python script
int x = 3
int y = 5
int result = 0

Edit the value in the sqrt calculation
int sqrtCalculation = math.sqrt(x*x*x)

Now run the command like this.

And the result should be the value of the value in the sqrt calculation
result = sqrtCalculation


Run this python script (ie.
from math import *
import sys

print ‘a:’+ str(a)
print ‘b:’+ str(b)
print’result:’+ str(result)
print’sqrt(a*a*a):’+ str(math.sqrt(a*a*a))

Now, simply run the script ie.
$ python

a: 3
b: 5
result: 10
sqrt(a*a*a): 10

This is a simple way to solve your problem.


Is the wolframalpha function working correctly in Mathematica

I have the following code:
Sqrt[1 + w3^2] w3^2 + Sqrt[1 + w4^2] w4^2 + Sqrt[1 + w5^2] w5^2

Then I run it through WolframAlpha and it gives me the result:

0.971786 w3^2 + 0.971786 w4^2 + 0.971786 w5^2

I am new to Mathematica and just wondering if this is something obvious that I have not done. Thanks


As the WolframAlpha result shows, w3 is $

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