SQL-Hero is a comprehensive and reliable software solution designed for SQL developers who need to create database objects and execute SQL scripts effortlessly.
The application connects to your SQL Server data and enables you to choose the databases you want to manage. It will display all the available connections and allow you to choose only the database you are interested in.
With the help of SQL-Hero you have the possibility to monitor multiple SQL statements, view the differences between two or more SQL schemas, as well as to compare data between tables









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– Provides easy-to-use interface and an intuitive user experience
– Intelligent integration with all mainstream SQL Servers (MSSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and other)
– Fully compatible with automatic connection and reconnection of SQL Servers
– Includes a number of built-in data and SQL comparison modules
– Possibility to choose different databases connection for each database, with the same login
– You can export the SQL files in different formats to your hard disk
– Supports export of database script to HTML/XML, CSV and TSV
– Supports import of database files in version SQL scripts from file
– Let’s you easily review all the imported objects in the database
– Enables you to create, modify and execute SQL database objects
– Support of multiple schemas
– Supports both table and function creation
– Full documentation for using SQL-Hero
What’s New in SQL-Hero 2.3.0?
SQL-Hero version 2.3.0 has added a lot of new features that make the product more useful for database developers, comparing data, analyzing tables and so on.
Main Features:
* Added an integrated report of objects in databases
* Added ability to import data from database backup file
* Added an integrated report of database parameters
* Added ability to export a database backup file
* Added an automatic SQL connection based on registration
* Added to the interface the ability to track pages using following technologies: web spiders, Google Analytic
* Added an integrated query comparison
* Added the possibility to check the errors of the query
* Added a new module to view an integrated SQL report
* Added the possibility to select folder on hard disk for database files
* Added the ability to save changes made to database and to save and cancel the SQL script
* Added the ability to automatically reconnect SQL servers
* Added the ability to transfer data between servers
* Added a new module to configure database parameter values
* Added a new module to view database objects
* Added the ability to insert data and apply modifications directly to the database from SQL query
* Added an option for automatically creating database objects
* Added a new module to create database tables and functions
* Added an option to create database objects under different schemas
* Added an option to choose the database as a database connection for the user logging in
* Added an option to specify database log in user and password
* Added an option to choose the database as a destination folder for the SQL

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– Supports SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014
– Manages and copies SQL statements in all available schemas
– Supports any SQL statement
– Displays available connections, tables, columns, and related information
– Tabs with an excellent user interface
– Supports SQL Server DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language)
– Supports SQL Server users, roles and permissions
– Supports SQL Server views
– Allows you to create new tables, edit existing tables, create new columns, alter existing columns, add new or alter existing foreign keys
– Allows you to manage foreign keys, including dropping, disabling and enabling them
– Allows you to select which databases to manage and which connection to use
– Allows you to filter out connections that are not available
– Supports SQL Server security
– Supports SQL Server language syntax highlighting
– Supports SQL Server referential integrity checks
– Allows you to create new databases and drop or rename existing ones
– Allows you to add tables, views, columns, references, constraints or indexes
– Allows you to copy and paste data between tables
– Allows you to compare data between tables
– Allows you to change data in tables
– Allows you to convert plain text files into SQL Server stored procedures and functions
– Allows you to delete records
– Displays information about columns and tables
– Displays information about schema, users, tables, columns, stored procedures and functions
– Provides an SQL console for testing and debugging
– Supports the following standards for SQL queries and syntax highlighting:
o Basic SQL
o Generated SQL
o SQL Server
– Supports the following data objects:
o Tables
o Views
o Stored procedures
– Supports SQL queries and their results
o Table structure query
– Supports T-SQL and SQL Server language highlighting and syntax highlighting
o DML (Data Manipulation Language) queries, views, and underlying stored procedures
o DDL (Data Definition Language) queries
o SQL Server databases
o SQL Server users, roles, and permissions
– Supports SQL Server links
– Supports all the standard SQL Server database tables
– Supports all the standard SQL Server views
– Allows you to create new database connections and modify database connections
– Allows you to add, delete or move databases
– Allows you to manage the connections you have created
– Supports stored procedures, user-defined functions, user-defined types and SQL Server languages

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* 32+ SQL Statement Comparison tools
* Merge Scripts
* Compare SQL statements between SQL Server databases (same database or different databases)
* SQL Server Database creation options
* SQL Server Data Import & Export
* Scripts available, depending on the SQL Server version
* Import/Export to SQL Server and Excel

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What’s New In?

► Choose different versions of your SQL scripts
► Control data manipulations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
► Sort table records (ASCENDING/DESCENDING)
► Export to csv or txt file
► Quickly compare data in different tables
*SQL-Hero also has unique features which will make it stand out
Requirement of system:
– Windows 7 or higher
– Installation package (please download file : SQL-Hero_Install.exe)
– Internet connection
– You need latest visual studio installed
– You need to install SQL Server Management Studio Express
– You need SQL Server Management Studio installed and configured with your windows account
Features of SQL-Hero:
✓ Choose different versions of your scripts.
✓ Control data manipulations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
✓ Export to csv or txt file
✓ Quickly compare data between tables
✓ SQL scripting support
✓ Import/Export connections
✓ Option to filter connections
✓ SQL-Hero is portable
✓ Open files with your favorite editor
✓ Change SQL text color
✓ Filtering records by user
✓ Off-screen mode
✓ Memory usage is less

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System Requirements For SQL-Hero:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor or Higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM or More
Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card with 1024 x 768 display
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Additional Notes: Supported OS’ include Windows 7, 8.1, 8, and 10 (For Win8/10 users please check system requirements here: link)
Please note that, the game only supports PC Windows operating system and doesn