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Should an outerform read only/modify data based on the values in its innerform?

I have the following 3 forms: 1 HTML Form, 1 Web Service and 1 ASMX Web Service
Titanium studio generated the services so it started and ended with , and another .
As you can see, the last form has 2 data fields, o1 and o2. These data fields are to be passed to the 3rd (ASMX) web service.
My question: What should my 2nd web service receive as input?
The first web service’s code reads o1 and o2 like this:
var o1 = t.getField(“o1”).value;
var o2 = t.getField(“o2”).value;

where t is the Titanium object.
The second web service, also uses o1 and o2 like this:
var o1 = x1.value;
var o2 = x2.value;

where x1,x2 are the values passed from the previous web service.
I hope my question is clear. So the question is: should my 2nd Web service read o1 and o2 from fields of 1st Web service? And why?
PS: Yes I can use hidden fields to store the data. But this doesn’t look nice. Also, I’m not sure how the data will be saved from one Web service to the other.
This is how the HTML Form looks like:



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Team changes
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KV Mechelen received its license for promotion on 11 May 2014.

Regular season

Championship standings

Relegation playoff
After a three-way playoff, Tilleur FC was relegated.

Number of teams by province

Top goalscorers

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