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My long-standing troubles with the old Steam Deck patch have been solved. Fixing the issue that allowed the achillion issues to pile up has been done and this new patch is 100% compatible with the original Steam Deck (last official patch before 2.0 was released). If you have issues with the Steam Deck there is a very easy fix to get it working as it was originally:

For me, the Steam Deck Patch has been better than the previous versions of the K-Lite. You can find instructions for installing the patch at the Steam Deck website. I recommend using their instructions if you are having any trouble. (In theory K-Lite.Mega.codec is the only pack that should be working)

I gave my LG FS740 a reboot, and it somehow got into a shutdown loop. I did a hard restart, and everything seemed fine. When trying to run Klite again, I got a black screen after powering on. I guess it wasn’t fast enough. I’m glad that it’s a short session as I’m making a new profile anyway. I renamed the profile folder just in case, and then renamed the game back to ‘KLite_Pro’ so that the old profile’s settings didn’t get overwritten. I then used the silent patch again, and this did the trick. It still doesn’t give me a hint about why I’m getting the black screen, so I’m turning to you guys now.

I’m having a tough time getting the game working after the latest Windows patch. I’ve tried installing the latest Nvidia Beta drivers, the newest AMD drivers from Nvidia, and now I’m trying to get directx to see if it will let me use Vulkan instead of directx. I currently have the latest version installed as seen in the ‘About’ window as well as the Game Launcher and it still says: You are running the Steam Beta version. If I try to load a server and game, after the initial loading screen, the screen goes black. If I can’t get a fix to get the game working and my laptop becomes unusable I would have to either remove the game or switch platforms. Not sure if this will work but worth a shot.

A patch I had tested: the kernel includes the Steam Kernel Patch. The games I had tried with this patch were and
I have the same problem as most people, trying to play while using the Xbox 360 gamepad or Steam controller only causes the game to crash. I use an Xbox 360 Controller with the gamepad option turned off on steam. I have also tried disabling the patch and then enabling it. The only way I can play it with my Steam controller is if i do not have the patch installed. When I have the patch installed i get the error: \”This program will install patches for you\” and then the game will crash if I try to play. I’ve also tried the gamepad option in steam, but the controller never loads. It either says the controller is not connected, or sometimes it will not work.
I don’t know what I did, but after I renamed the zip file to the original then uninstalled it, now I can’t even reinstall it. It seems to always install and then it freezes as soon as I log in. I tried using a patch/ directory for the new zip and then unpacked it to a normal folder and now there is no patch option on the game. I even went as far as completely deleting the game and then reinstalling it, so it should have all of the files again but the only thing that did fix it was using a patch/ directory for the new zip.
I tried it and confirmed that with the Epic store distribution of the game, there are Linux binaries packed. Unfortunately, after trying to launch (you have to add executable permission flag to the binary first) the game would crash at the end of loading. This was due to Linux executable not updated in last patch.