EasySuite appears to be a collection of three applications designed to help the users manage the network and registry-oriented browsing tasks.
To get started, one has to acquire three separate licenses for each program. However, the license keys are free, and they can be obtained via e-mail by clicking the Get a license button. Indeed, having to make three separate requests instead of using the same account for all instances it's a bit annoying, but at least the credentials are not necessary after the first login.
In order to understand what the suite is good for, all three utilities need a bit of background. The first one, EasyAD appears to be an active directory browser that can be useful for Server Active Directory user account management, and nothing else.
The second one, EasyNET, represents a network monitoring tool that can keep an eye on a group of devices to ensure that all services are working and the overall performance is unaffected.
Lastly, EasyREG looks like a simple registry browser that provides you quick access to less accessible information stored on your computer.
In conclusion, Easysuite developers appear to have hand-picked several specific programs that are related only by their administration purposes — which can come in handy for users who are dealing with OS admin tasks.


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Download ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Package content:
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Software Comments

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this comment posted by Anonymous on 26/04/2016 09:14:24 AM

Very easy to use. Has saved me a lot of time in the past.

posted by Anonymous on 22/03/2016 13:33:40 PM

Not a very useful tool. You need to have the password in plain text to be able to use the application.

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What’s New In?

Password Vault protects all of your web logins by ensuring that they cannot be viewed if someone else has access to your laptop or computer. Password Vault is a little utility you can run in the background to keep your logins safe!

Password Vault has several features, including:
■ A simple interface that allows you to easily and quickly add logins
■ Password protection, so only you can access the files
■ A search function to help you quickly find the password you are looking for
■ An automatically locked-down program, so that it can only be accessed when it’s active
■ Backup of logins to the clipboard, with an automatic clear after 30 seconds
■ An easy-to-use file manager that allows you to copy, paste, move, and delete your logins as you please

■ Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019
■ English version only



1. Double click Password Vault on the desktop.
2. Click the Add button to add passwords.
3. Click the Browse button to select a password file (most will be.pst files, but if you have Password Vault already installed, they should be in the same directory)
4. Enter a name for the new password file.
5. Click the OK button to save the new password file.

Windows 8

1. From the Desktop, right-click Password Vault and click Run as administrator.
2. Click the Browse button to select a password file (most will be.pst files, but if you have Password Vault already installed, they should be in the same directory)
3. Enter a name for the new password file.
4. Click the OK button to save the new password file.

Windows 10

1. On the left side, click or tap the Start button and select the Apps icon (looks like three horizontal lines).
2. From the Apps panel, select Password Vault and click or tap the Open button.
3. Click the Browse button to select a password file (most will be.pst files, but if you have Password Vault already installed, they should be in the same directory)
4. Enter a name for the new password file.
5. Click the OK button to save the new password file.

Windows Server 2008

1. Click the Start button and select the All Programs icon (looks like three horizontal lines).
2. From the Programs panel, select Password Vault and click the Install button.
3. Click the OK button to install Password Vault.
4. Click the Finish button to close the setup program.

Windows Server


System Requirements For Password Vault:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Additional Notes:
The tutorial features a walkthrough that takes the player through the task of creating a master and monster. It guides the player through creating a new world (the default world is called “World”), the default city (the player city is called “PlayerCity”),