Year-round physical literacy & Fundamental movement athlete program

What is the ATHlete HUB?

The Young Athlete HUB is a monthly program designed to facilitate and promote healthy growing in our young people. Focussing on snow-sport specific movement patterns, the program assists our athletes in achieving their fullest potential by building balance, coordination and good fundamentals. The on-going program works by improving neural pathways for physical awareness and increasing physical output helping our athletes become self-aware and self-regulatory. These physical sessions are a great way to prevent injury, boost performance, build balance & fine motor skills whilst improving confidence and social interaction with a group of like-minded, growing athletes. Our team of physiotherapists and movement experts understand children  and combine the latest athletic development to challenge your child and help them reach their peak.


The athlete hub has been designed as a one stop shop to facilitate and promote healthy growing for our young sports people.

Program focus/Outcomes:

  • Provide a fundamental opportunity for young people to become self-aware and self-regulatory
  • Be trained by leading industry/movement professionals.
  • Provide a gateway for athletes to be involved in further athletic pathway opportunities giving them practical guidance for creating a positive training/athletic experience.
  • Promote injury prevention
  • Help young people understand the importance of foundation movement patterns, correct muscle activation and timing.
  • Provide a one-stop shop for young children to reach all their physiological goals

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