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the first episode of the franchise, ” men in black iii “, aired on june 1, 2012 on the sci fi channel. the cast includes tommy lee jones, will smith, josh brolin, emma thompson, jimmy kimmel, rainn wilson, and more.

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samantha is ready for a career change. in new york, she decides to assist an ailing client who has a large estate. the client’s granddaughter, hope, comes to america to visit and insists that samantha become her surrogate mother. when hope meets with tragedy, samantha takes on her role. sam finds excitement in her new career but finds she has to contend with her family, her love for steve, and a new development in her life.
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men in black 3 is a new science fiction comedy movie based on the film series with the same title. the story of this movie begins with the death of the leader of mib, agent k, and the rest of the organization. the government then makes a decision to close down all the organization’s activities.
all the agents are then assigned with a new mission where they are commanded to make sure aliens cannot pass to the earth by maintaining the balance between the universe and its inhabitants. the agents learn that aliens have been abducting people for the last 70 years and planning to take over the world.