Master Password

When installation starts, you see all the steps and the options to install CD/DVD Guard on your computer.
Install Free CD/DVD Guard and then activate a key for a password. Master Password Free Download is master key for the program’s main functions, it can not be changed.
Use a Master Password to keep the program’s settings, to control the program’s information, to lock the main functions of the program, to lock the program’s data. Simply use the Master Password for the Master Password. The next password recovery will be possible only if you know the password of the Master Password.
Important: You are not required to set a Master Password if you use the Windows and the program’s options. In case the Windows has changed during the update, or you have lost your password or key, you don’t need to fill out the Master Password information.
Add a password for the program. Master Password is the key for the main functions of the program, it can not be changed. It is mandatory to set a Master Password.
Master Password (MasterKey) Information:
You need to set a password to protect your data.
Key Name Master Password
You can fill a name for Master Password.
RememberMaster Password (Password)
Add a password
More information about installation you can find in Help.
The program will notify you the first time that it finds changes in the programs and the files on your hard disk.
Creating a password protects the program from third-party changes that may cause any problems.
Create and protect your programs and files with Master Password!
The Main Features:
Protects the data and the operations of the programs and files from unauthorized use.
You can set multiple passwords to protect several programs and files.
Keyboard Hotkey allows you to start all the main functions of the program from a key on the keyboard.
Real-time password changes.
You can choose a time interval when password changes occur.
The password can not be changed.
Supports Master Password.
Connect to the program directly via Internet.
Automatically opens or closes the software, even if it was open in the past.
Choosing a password enables the Start system function.
Password of the Master Password can not be changed.
Connect to the program directly via the Internet.
Automatically opens or closes the software, even if it was open in the past.

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Keepoint is secure, portable and – best of all – requires no software installation. The menu is provided by Google Chrome which is in turn embedded into the application.
Keepoint offer the following features:
■ Fast search:
Time-saving feature of the new Keepoint 7 series:
■ Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
■ Search results:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
■ Customization:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
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Support for word lists:
Support for word lists:
Keepoint allows you to organize large amounts of information using the following feature:
-Tag Name, Category, Count, Comments
Note: Keepoint does not provide any file storage nor does it require any additional hardware. Keepoint is safe for shared use and stores your data in your browser cache (Google Chrome).
Always-on Internet Connection:
Nowadays, our lives are full of internet activities so we need an application that provides data anytime, anywhere. Many web browsers have the option to save files but some do not allow it; Chrome make it possible for all.
Keepoint allows you to save pages anywhere (You can bookmark web pages or save them on local computers) with 3 types of folders (Elements, Pages & Images, and Notes).
Save Bookmarks:
Keepoint provides three ways to easily save your favorite web pages:
-Your computer
-Live Share
-Keepoint Cloud
Your computer:
-Create your own elements folder and add web pages to this folder when you visit websites.
-If you want to add web pages to your computer, use Keepoint Elements.
Live Share:
Using this feature, you can save web pages directly to your web browser (Chrome) using the following methods:
-Bookmarklet (Chrome)
-Search (Chrome)
-Type into Google
-Using Google Website Search
-Using Google Chrome/ Incognito Chrome
Keepoint Cloud:
-Save web pages in Chrome directly to Keepoint Cloud using these methods:

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A Master Password is an encryption key that is required to decrypt the contents of a “protected” device, such as a hard disk, CD or DVD, or computer file. It is generally viewed as a means of protecting data when the owner’s computer is stolen or lost, or when unwanted access by others is suspected. The use of a Master Password is intended to ensure that after a theft or loss, the encrypted contents cannot be accessed by the original owner. Various software encryption programs provide for the use of a Master Password.
What does a Master Password do?
The Master Password is used to unlock or decrypt any encrypted files on a computer, which would otherwise be inaccessible. These encrypted files could be any type of file, such as an HTML page, text file, Windows EXE, an Adobe PDF file, or even an encrypted compressed archive.
How to generate a Master Password on a Mac?
The Master Password tool for Mac OS X systems allows users to generate a strong Master Password for their files. This is achieved by hiding the Master Password in plain text that can only be recovered using a specific key derived from the master password. This protects the content of the file from becoming readable in any way and allows it to be used with any software or hardware that is encrypted by a Master Password.
The tool supports 10 random characters and 100 random characters. The tool generates the characters in a random fashion. The minimum length of the Master Password is 8 characters. The maximum length is 55 characters.
You can use the Master Password generator to add custom characters to the Master Password. It also supports the removal of any combination of characters from the Master Password. To remove a combination of characters, you can select the characters to be removed from the list, and add them to the end of the Master Password. The option to repeat a character with a different random character is also available.
General Description:
An Auto-Memory Master Password is a feature of Windows 8. It is a new feature in Win8 that replaces the concept of using a ‘Master Password’ to unlock a device. Instead, it now uses a Virtual Machine technique to generate a password, which the user can then use to unlock a device.
Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, which first became available in October 2012. In addition to making changes to the user interface, the operating system is updated with some new functionality, for example, an extended operating system recovery option.
The Auto-Memory Master Password is the new password feature

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Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Organizer is a desktop tool for managing Adobe Acrobat pdf files. It stores documents, customizable bookmarks, annotations, and searching-based search lists. It also supports the Calibri or Arial font families and document viewing mode.
Reader mode, which creates files compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader without the need to install Acrobat Reader on the computer.
Outline mode for larger files.
Partial page embedding support to display one page as another, using the same file.
The Acrobat Pro Organizer includes an Adobe PDF search engine to find the exact page of a pdf file on the computer.
Acrobat PDF documents may be cropped and annotated, using the crop and draw tools. The crop tool lets you crop any portion of the page, while the draw tool can be used to draw freehand on the page, which is often used to handwrite annotations.
Annotate PDF documents like they were paper documents. Common features include handwriting, text, lines and polygons. Customize text and lines by selecting type, size and color for text and lines. Choose colors from a pallet that comes with Acrobat Pro Organizer.
You can record notes and highlight important passages in a document. You can even set your own stamp or emblem as the title.
Acrobat PDF documents can be bookmarked.
The Acrobat Pro Organizer also works in Adobe Reader.
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The files can be viewed on any PC using Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the future, users of the Acrobat Reader viewer mode for PDFs will also be able to view the files on any PC without the need to install Adobe Reader on the PC. And in the future, you can sign up for a trial of Pro Organizer, Ac

System Requirements For Master Password:

Mac OS X v10.6.8 or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo / Quad 2 GHz CPU
8 GB available space
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