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the wifi ap configuration may be cracked. however, only the first password will be cracked because it is used by a channel, where the second one is not. this means that using an ap that is not the default one, as in the case of a vlan-attached ap, can effectively stop the authentication process.

there are a few methods to secure the wireless network traffic:

you need to keep the security topology of your organization confidential.

having multiple device in a network segment – wireless or wired – usually relies on a set of operating systems. in order to have the protocol hidden you need to configure them with the same set of security parameters. therefore, the more devices in a segment, the more difficult it is to hide the processes that are being sent between them. the converse side of this is also valid. if you are using more than one protocol, like wpa2 and wep, then you have to be careful because they are not compatible. for example: in your wpa2 network you may have 10 users, while your wep is configured for 20. this is how you should hide the data stream between the access points.

security analytics – a whole new world

these days we are always looking for the next new thing. it is very easy to leave your network vulnerable because it is not working like the previous one, but like the one that is not even out yet. therefore, the data that you are collecting on a daily basis gets in the hands of an expert. and that expert can make and break a firm or a business. so, a new wave of ransomware appears on the market, and your device is infected. or, you put the wrong mix of a couple of different security methods and your company gets hacked.

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