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Footnote 2
] In addition to the allegation that they made and signed the agreement under the same date, the complaint alleged that the parties submitted the same to a notary public who acknowledged each signature. Appellant’s answer admitted that he signed the agreement with his wife on June 9, 1967, but denied that he had any dealings with appellee or that he was authorized to sign as attorney for her.

Footnote 3
] Although he was represented by counsel in the District Court, appellant filed a Notice of Appeal before a docketing statement had been prepared and without an appendix. The defective Notice was amended, and appellee’s brief asserts that the parties stipulated that the District Court file would be included in the record on appeal.

Footnote 4
] The lease itself also contained a provision that the lessor and lessee are married, but this clause appears as one of many provisions in a two-page printed form. The parties have not briefed or argued the question of whether appellant is estopped from denying the validity of the lease on the ground that he caused it to be prepared in his office with his own file and signature. The District Court did not base its decision on that ground, and we need not reach the question

Footnote 5
] “In the absence of circumstances showing fraud, accident, or mistake of fact, parol evidence is not admissible to contradict, vary, add to, or subtract from the written instrument…. A written instrument cannot be contradicted, varied, or added to by parol evidence.” Restatement, Contracts, Tent. Comment. We assume that appellant is not estopped from denying the validity of the lease because he contends that it was made for the purpose of obtaining a divorce.

Footnote 6
] It is also clear that the evidence in this case would not support a finding