You’ll be able to see players’ movements and the momentum they generate on the pitch, as well as the acceleration and speed at which players move. The results are dramatic, realistic and challenging to play.

This new technology will be included in the Clubs Packs and Ultimate Team modes, as well as being included in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA has also announced that it will also use “HyperMotion” technology for a number of tournaments, including the FIFA eWorld Cup and the FIFA eWorld Cup FUT Champions League.

It is important to note that the current version of FIFA 20 (version 8.03) does not include “HyperMotion” Technology. The reason is that FIFA 20 uses data generated by real players in live matches from a variety of different competitions and sports. This makes it difficult to optimise the “HyperMotion” technology using data that isn’t directly relevant to game play.

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In addition to FIFA 22’s new move set, there are also a number of FIFA Ultimate Team features that are getting a significant update.

FIFA 22 Team Updates

FIFA Ultimate Team is receiving five new Team Updates, including new Team Ability cards, Team Kit Packs, Gold Packs, and Squad Leaders. These new Team Updates are already live on the FIFA Ultimate Team website, but the content is not yet live in game.


New Team Ability Cards:

FIFA 22 includes the new Team Ability card system – comprised of 18 cards, with each card offering a very different way to play as a team. The different abilities can be unlocked by completing challenges in Squad Battles and Training Camps. The cards can be adjusted in settings and can be turned off for defensive or attack plays.

Each Team Ability card features three attributes: Strength (which increases the overall strength of the team), Vision (which provides a bonus to scouting and support in Squads), and Personality (which gives the selected player an advantage in Squad Battles and Training Camps). Strength and Vision attributes can also be increased through training and equipment.

New Team Kits:

In FIFA 20, you could only use one skin per team (unless you had the Arena Kits). In FIFA 22, however, you will be able to select from five Team Kits, which will include more


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Cross-play with Xbox One and Windows 10 is now possible.
  • New all-new FIFA franchise soundtrack.
  • PC and Xbox One controller support – actions and controls are exact. Play with or against friends on Xbox and PC using the same controller.
  • Experience brand new, licensed player and ball personalities.
  • Teems – a new feature introduced in FIFA 21, allows players to be grouped into individual teams and experience the levels of team play like never before.
  • New “Team and Player IQ” metric – intelligence that measures player effectiveness both in-game and out.
  • Improved AI with more intelligent and consistent decisions that will still surprise you.
  • Offside and Interception improvements.
  • Improved player vision, speed and agility.
  • Redesigned, more reactive, darker pitch and new cameras.
  • ReflecTi-Elec – world first; all new technology which improves ball physics and handling, making for more dynamic and realistic gameplay.
  • Improved goalkeeper controls will be easier to master and offer a new level of fun, flexibility and control.
  • Improved pitch constraints to give you more freedom of movement to fit around corners or wall positions.
  • Three, quickly accessible lobbies on Xbox and PC for more options on servers and players.
  • Improved stadiums with brand new visuals and Sounds.
  • Composite manager player faces and more authentic dressings.
  • Extended Player Trainers – master the skills of your favorite, real-world or in-game, players with what-you-need to know.
  • Significant and tangible improvements in the new Keeper Challenge
  • New goal celebrations with more and bigger moves based on the whole movement, not just the physique.


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Fight for glory, compete for cups, amass top talent and take on the world in every mode.

A Career As a Pro

Take your game to the next level in career mode. With all-new systems, everything you do in your career will impact the experience you’ll have in games.

The Journey

Defy expectations and rise to the top of the soccer universe with the best soccer clubs in the world.

Unlock New Career Paths & Levelups

Explore all-new career paths and level up your squad and impact your gameplay on and off the pitch.

New Features

You Control The Match

Real-world data and advanced motion capture systems bring the game to life in new ways. Real-world data and advanced motion capture systems bring the game to life in new ways.

New Real-Time Player Behaviors

Players make more skilled decisions, misdirect and overload opponents and drift by them in real-time.

Smarter Defensive AI

A smarter AI makes defenders more unpredictable and active in the attacking third.

True Player Kicking

FIFA is getting more realistic. Players can now accurately kick the ball with direction and power.

New Receiver AI

The best of the best receivers enjoy a new wave of intelligence in EA SPORTS FIFA.

New Player Intelligence

A smarter, more responsive AI makes players more decisive in possession and uses their athleticism to create scoring opportunities.

More Depth and Style

Matchday and Playoff Mode gameplay imitates the real world in ways previously unseen in FIFA.

Broadcast Presentation

A new presentation mimics the look of a live soccer game, with more camera angles, real lighting, realistic crowds and more.

New Details


Subtle flourishes infuse new gameplay options, like automatic options for open play.

Improved Kicks

Players kick the ball with greater speed and more accuracy on grass and artificial turf.

Knocking The Ball

New entry options will now allow players to knock the ball back over their own defense, a real-world move that is used to stretch the defense.

Protecting The Ball

A new wall button opens up new defensive options for goalkeepers.


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Prove your worth on the pitch and unlock new players, new stadiums and hundreds of new kits as you assemble the ultimate team of the greatest talents in the game. Master more than 60 new tricks and skills to give you the edge you need to dominate on the pitch, whether you’re competing online or in 1 vs. 1 matches, or playing in club, online or career mode.

Online & Offline Play –
You can now play online or offline by selecting options from the main options screen. You can now also easily switch between local and online modes by using the touch-screen of your PS Vita.

Also enjoy playing offline in any of the new modes including story, international play, and mode specific modes

These enhancements to FIFA 22 bring a new level of realism and authenticity to the FIFA football experience, while modernizing the game to more fully showcase your club on and off the pitch.

Maxis Sports – This all new mode is a whole new way to play the world’s favorite game of football. Play three exciting new national teams from around the world and engage in a series of fierce matches as you take on the competition. Use the touch screen of your PS Vita to engage in epic, dramatic, and high octane matches of real-world football in 6-on-6 action. Experience a new way to play, and enjoy massive amounts of content all on one console. We’ve included all of FIFA World Cup™ 2014’s top official teams to bring authentic real-world gameplay to a whole new generation of players.

For more information on FIFA World Cup™, visit

If you want to contact support to tell us your thoughts on FIFA World Cup™ 2014, or about any of our other PS Vita games or products, please visit

The Worldwide Leader in interactive entertainment is a registered trademark or trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. Trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. appear in the game and are used under license.

& # # #

Gamers will enjoy this latest addition to the FIFA franchise on PS Vita. FIFA World Cup™ is currently available in the U.S. for $59.99.

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What’s new:

  • FUT 21*Upgrade.improvement.highlights.does.avg.roster.qrcd.typo.updated.description.are.lost
  • Performance Improvements
    • Under Armour Eyesense– Real-time vision data extracted from eyesight presented by the wearable technology.
    • Aerial Dribbling– Award earned when your player efficiently dashes into an open space and dribbles past an opponent.
    • Slide Control– Award awarded when a player touches a slide and slides past an opponent.
    • Fitness Academy*– Engage your player’s reactions; Your player must perform the most demanding actions as they think.This enables you to customize your own training sessions.
    • Player Ratings– Shifts your player’s on-field performance with a breakthrough in Player Rating. Every player has their own set of Player Ratings where higher values implies better ability.
  • After Touch Mechanic– Off the ball – Highlight when the ball touches your player instead of the player heading it.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 20 features a new game engine powering the most realistic football experience ever. The all-new engine introduces new animations, player control and ball physics.
EA SPORTS FIFA 20 features a new game engine powering the most realistic football experience ever. The all-new engine introduces new animations, player control and ball physics.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Discover the best players in the game and bring the best team of your dreams to life in the form of an Ultimate Team squad.
Discover the best players in the game and bring the best team of your dreams to life in the form of an Ultimate Team squad.

Powered by Frostbite, EA SPORTS FIFA 20, the most realistic football game, launches on September 27, 2019.

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch language options.

Get the full game experience by including EA SPORTS FIFA 20: Season One. The ultimate football sports action experience with FIFA Ultimate Team, Champions League, live football and much more. Includes all FIFA 20 features and the option to play online in any of the available languages.

Full Game Experience

See the game in action with the FIFA 20 Official Trailer.
See the game in action with the FIFA 20 Official Trailer.


Enjoy the atmosphere of a FIFA 20 live match with the official match soundtrack.
Enjoy the atmosphere of a FIFA 20 live match with the official match soundtrack.

With EA SPORTS FIFA 20, EA SPORTS takes the world’s game to the next level, giving players and fans the most realistic, authentic football experience ever. FIFA’s new engine is powered by an advanced new physics system, while the all-new career mode combines speed, AI, and strategy to create the most dynamic experience in the franchise. The all-new Ultimate Team offers fans the chance to become the best football manager in the world.

FIFA 20 Demo Coming Soon

As we get closer to launch, we’ll be posting videos, screenshots and more here on our dedicated FIFA 20 game page. Look out for more information, including a demo of the game, gameplay insights, and features. You can also pre-order your copy of FIFA 20 ahead of launch and get in-game bonuses.

Feature Highlight: Unlocked Player Paths

Earn XP and unlock Ultimate


How To Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download Race Riot Server
  • Install the software
  • Click “Run as administrator”
  • Copy the crack (contents.exe) to your game installation directory, in your Fifa 22 folder


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Windows: SP1 and later
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM
HDD: 2 GB free space
Video: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (NVIDIA compatible)
Input devices: Keyboard and Mouse
Network: DSL, Cable
OS: Win XP, Vista, 7


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