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Science-based ontologies are a particularly useful means for understanding reality. Science-based ontologies are concerned with the material constitution of the universe, and the inter-relationships between that material constitution and the immaterial. Science-based ontologies try to understand the world by examining it, and not by looking at the world and then retroactively declaring what it should look like. Science is completely consistent with the idea of intelligence being something more than matter in motion, and a chance dimension where the immaterial and the material intersect. Science is completely consistent with the idea that the mind is some form of energy which does not have to be a physical energy, but could be any form of energy. Science is also consistent with the possibility that material phenomena can be created and destroyed in ways that are not fully explainable in terms of physical phenomena alone. Science, properly understood, takes absolutely no stance on the existence of non-material phenomena. Science only holds that any phenomenon it investigates is physical by the very strictest possible definition. Science is consistent with the belief that the material is alive. Science can also be used to account for phenomena which cannot be explained using traditional laws, it can also be used to account for phenomena which do not follow traditional laws ( if light waves are slower than the speed of light then the laws of physics cease to work entirely). Science only claims to be able to explain physical phenomena, and does not attempt to explain anything else.

the light grows until the entire grove is illuminated. then, the people hear a voice: “i did not warn you, sons of the elves! because of your love for one another, you are doomed to pay for your disobedience!”
the light goes out. only the new great king and his closest friends remain awake. it is in this moment that the new great king’s friends make his confession: “i’m so sorry. i love him. i’m not leaving. i’m staying. i’m sorry.”
there’s also the gnomes. gnomes are small, they have pointy ears, and they’re just plain not very elf-like at all. but, they can be very useful. elves are not the only kind of forest dweller. there are forests full of goblins, trolls, dragons and other creatures that have no business being in elf forest. gnomes are a non-violent group of humans, dwarves and elves who live in the desert. the gnomes are just like us and they don’t like the elves very much. to be fair, the gnomes are kind of half-breeds. they aren’t pure human, they’re part elven, part dwarven and part gnomish. you can bet their parents are never getting back together.
the elves are quite skilled at magic. elves aren’t very good at physical labor, but they are quite brilliant when it comes to their natural magic. elves have two magical abilities: elven love naughty rituals reloaded foresight and illusion. they can elven love naughty rituals reloaded see the future, and they can make people see what they want them to see. they also have a nasty habit of telling stories. they have to be reminded to be quiet. elves know stories about all the different kinds of creatures and about the various humans. they can tell tales about everything: about a dragon’s power, about a dwarf’s strength, about a human’s foolishness. elves are the greatest story-tellers of all.