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* Survive in the Land of the Giants

At your home from the Pocky Field, travel to the Land of the Giants to defeat various monsters and achieve fame.

* Cast Your Spell to Deal with Monsters

By casting your own spell, you can deal with a monster that has no weaknesses. Each spell is different and allows you to cast spells of a variety of effects.Q:

Heureka is not working with Liberty Profile

I have setup Apache Karaf ( 4.1.2)
I have configured Heureka client registration service. I have started the service from the console (read-help) and added registration
And enabled the registration service in the configuration profile.
I am starting the profile through the command line. Then I am running the following command, hope the discovery service gets registered.
$./feature:install -p features/apache-karaf-4.1.2 -s features/apache-karaf-4.1.2
$./feature:start -p features/apache-karaf-4.1.2

During this process, I do not see any logs from Heureka client registration service. I have waited for almost half an hour and the service is not getting started. I do not see any error.
What may be the problem?
PS: I’m on a single node Liberty Profile


The error message was I did not provide any port in the command line.
So, I’m passing the port number to the commandline like this.
$./feature:install -p features/apache-karaf-4.1.2 -s features/apache-karaf-4.1.2 -c


Features Key:

  • Feature Your Characters with the Magic, Arms, and Armor Items You’ll Need
  • Create a Unique Character that Has Unique Traits
  • Explore Wide Areas Through the Different Progression System of Environment
  • Fight Various Enemies Expanding Skills to Complete Quests
  • Operate Flow-Connected Battle Fields to Exemplify Skill
  • Develop Character Strength by Mining Equipment for Tools and Weapons
  • Get Powerful Abilities in Rich Dungeons & Battles
  • A Participatory Online Play with Interchanging Elements Where You Feel the Presence of Others
  • A Very Secure-Friendly Game That’s Available Worldwide
  • Roaming And Special Opens Wide to Feeling the Void and Advancing With the Adventure
  • Players Can Join Forces Together to Exploit a Common Goal
  • Recover Reputation (GP) from Spare Stations and Enable Character Growth to Make Your Skills What You Want to Become in the Real World
  • The Development of the Character is Made More Exciting to Players with Customizable Custom Screens
  • A Play Structured to Develop the Character, Apart from a Multiplayer Game
  • Map Exploration Applies the Features of the Adventure Game to the Elder Scroll Online
  • A Compelling Drama that Gives the Game a Rich and Prolific Character
  • ■Game Features

    ① ROAM Open World

    ② A Vast World Full of Thrills and Adventure

    ③ Role-Playing in a World That’s Seamless with the Locations of Adventure and Open World

    ④ Customized Appearance and a Variety of Skill-Based Equipment Items

    ⑤ Build a Unique Character that Has a Variety of Unique Traits

    ⑥ A Multilevel Play that Exemplifies Skill



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    The Tarnished City, where you have lived your entire life with your parents, is in a state of turmoil. Your elder brother has disappeared and it seems that the elder sister of the prince of the city has disappeared too. The Tarnished Witch, who is a senior citizen of the city, has also suddenly disappeared. Tarnished City, city of your birth, has become the center of the chaos. The land has been invaded by orcs. And the elder sister of the prince has really disappeared. And there is no trace of the Tarnished Witch. The only way to escape from the chaos is to search for the Tarnished Witch and the prince’s elder sister.

    A New Arc – The Lands Between.

    For the first time in the history of the city, a new world has appeared. It is a world made of the traces of destruction of the previous world. The monsters of the previous world have invaded it. A world where an Elden Lord like those from the previous world cannot exist, and where only the underworld girls, the “bad” apprentices, can. Among all these bad apprentices, only you can survive and awaken as an Elden Lord. The lands between are a world where a new Elden Ring, the Elden Ring, from the previous world, functions. The character of the Elden Ring is a Tarnished, and your character’s level is a Tarnished level. The Tarnished Witch who has appeared here in this world is an Elden Lord.

    The Leader of the Elden Ring (Episode 0)

    Elden Ring: — — キネェキン

    A New Character – Elden Ring and World: Elden Ring and World

    Sister Sara: A member of the Elden Ring.

    Eagle Lord: Elden Ring’s elder brother.

    Prince Roland: Elden Ring’s elder brother.

    Elden Ring’s Elder Sister: Elden


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    Field of Play

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading


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