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Download Kitab Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah Pdf Files

Alhamdolillah fikr muslehassan muslehassan. ilham. so far the files are working fine. but i too am having a problem. i tried opening the files in word and then saving them. it works fine. but when i open it up in my library it does not open up. it opens up in a new window and it says select the location to save the files and then i have to close the files up. so if anyone can try this out that would be nice.

Alhamdolillah fikr muslehassan muslehassan. ilham. mr. abdelaziz. i have started downloading and then opening. i am sorry to say that i cannot use google translator because of work. i have to work in office, there is no access to computers at home. so are we allowed to download from your website? we have downloaded only 3 books from your site. i will start downloading more as soon as i find out how to do it. thank you

You would then click on the download link which would lead to a download request. After you have downloaded firefox, you would click on it and from the tool bar you would click on the button which has the small down and arrow symbol. Now you would right click on the download file and select run.

ya allah we love you all
As a result of downloading this Maktaba Shamila. I downloaded the maktaba shalat kitab al hadith shamila. And my freind said to download it and to run the _shamela.exe file and the library will open. I clicked on the link of the downloads which says KITAB DHAIFAH. and the link that says ( and I right clicked on it and selected the run option. I get a error message on the screen and it says” saving data. cancelling. files can not be saved because of security reasons. please close all running programs and try again.” I click cancel when a choice is offered and it goes away. I have also downloaded the maktaba adab mufrad and its the same.

Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End) is a thorough abridgment of the volumes of biography of the Prophet that appeared in the past five centuries. It has been divided into three parts: ‘The Beginning’, ‘The End’ and ‘Other Events’. The ‘Innocent Days of The Prophet’ is the first part. It begins with the appearance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in Madina in the time of his step-father, Abu Bakr, and goes on till his elevation as the Prophet after the miraculous night journey to the Ka’bah. Other events in this part include the battle of Badr and some of the Hadiths narrated by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) about the different things he used to hear from Gabriel.
May Allah bless you with the knowledge. Im now installing it in virtualbox. I did follow all the steps mentioned above. (It says that my home is in my C drive, but all I see is C “S”. Then i got to a screen which tells me to change the home directory which i did.) Now it says that i have successfully downloaded the program. Next it says when i hit the lightning rod to add a book, it fails to add the book. When i search for it in the search box, it says it was found in the program.
Dear all, I really really want a new programme like Shamela. It has to include all the books I want to read and also a lot of Quranic books. Maybe you can help me to get a step by step manual about how to download and install Shamela. Yours sincerely, Makan
Dear Sir, I am a Muslim woman in Egypt. I am using Shamela 3.0 and I want to ask you to make it compatible with our Holy books that we are using, including Quran and Kitab Al Fath… I hope you are not a spammer.