DNN Keep Alive [Updated] 2022

Renegade DNN Keep Alive is a powerful and easy to use tool for DotNetNuke’s KeepAlive feature. With this tool you can make your own personalized DNN KeepAlive which will always be alive and will automatically reload itself if there is a problem, so your website is always up and running. The original from DotNetNuke which you can use if you don’t want to install Renegade DNN Keep Alive is KeepAlive.aspx, which you can find in the DotNetNuke folder “Administration\Portals\[YourDotNetNukePortal]”. You can use any other URL which starts with KeepAlive.aspx in the same manner as you use KeepAlive.aspx in Renegade DNN Keep Alive, by simply typing in the URL in the browser and pressing enter.


Automaticly reloads your web site if there are any problems with your web server.
Works for DotNetNuke portals and DotNetNuke Standard / Portal pages.
Works with both 1.1 and 2.0 websites.
No need to actually configure the KeepAlive.aspx file, because we do that automatically for you.
Supports DotNetNuke 4.x
No additional software required.
Save and keep your resources clean and tidy.
Minimize to the system tray, so it doesn’t take up space in your taskbar.
If you use DotNetNuke, you can eliminate the AutoStartRegistrations and AutoStartApplications features from the PortalMaster. You can turn those off by following this link.
No user intervention required.
Save your KeepAlive.aspx file as a regular file and you can send it to your friends for easy access.

The original DotNetNuke KeepAlive.aspx can be found in the DotNetNuke folder “Administration\Portals\[YourDotNetNukePortal]\[YourDotNetNukePortal].asp” where you can find the other DotNetNuke KeepAlive.aspx files (this one is the Default one). It is still required to do it, and you can still use it like any other DotNetNuke KeepAlive.aspx. If you want to use this one instead, all you have to do is change the URL to this one (or you can even use it like you do any other DotNetNuke KeepAl

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It’s an extremely simple single page ASP.NET application that allows you to “KeepAlive” any ASP.NET application or web site to always stay responsive, reloading from scratch after 30 seconds with no user input.

KeepAlive.aspx – The “Web Application” (Running DotNetNuke) is simply a “Web Service” that allows DotNetNuke to still run on the site, but keeps the site “alive”

KeepAlive.aspx – Main Page


There are two ways to accomplish this: either by loading a cached version of a page or a page with a high cache time.
To speed up your DNN pages, check the following:
1. The cache settings in your web.config is set to none. Change it to be cacheable.

2. There is no versioning set in the server. If this is set on, you can set a lower cache time in the cache settings.


How do I get rid of a certain key in an object with Underscore.js

I have an object with very common keys (id, name, date, and timestamp). I’m using Underscore.js to search and filter the object. As soon as I delete any of the keys, the object breaks. How can I remove these keys from the object without breaking it?
I’m using the following for searching and filtering the objects.
let _filtered = {
items: _.filter(restaurants, function(r) {
return _.has(r, “name”);

Here is the object:
const restaurants = [
id: “1”,
name: “Michelin Burger”,
date: “03/13/2018”,
timestamp: “4:02pm”
id: “2”,
name: “Michelin Burger”,

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WARNING: DotNetNuke is not live anymore. That means that this program is not under active development. is not updated anymore.

WARNING: If you like DotNetNuke, please use

Source Files For DNN Keep Alive:

* KeepingAlive.js
* KeepingAlive.css

Quick Links:

If you would like to use this program or make a donation, please click

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What’s New In DNN Keep Alive?

The KeepAlive.aspx is a file that gives you the ability to let you web sites reload quickly without losing server resources.
If your site is not available you will be presented with a screen that says:
“This Page can not be displayed. Please contact your Web-hosting company to check your Internet connection and browser settings.
The DNN Keep module will check for the KeepAlive.aspx every minute and make sure that it is still working, and if it fails, it will reload it for you.
This allows you to get a great start for your new DotNetNuke Site and have it maintain itself for you.
For this to work, you must make sure that your KeepAlive.aspx file is there and is pointing to a real or ip address.
Once the module has initialised, your site will load without fail every minute.
To stop this, you can place the KA.aspx file in the temp directory and it will stop working.
The KA.aspx checks for the KeepAlive.aspx every minute.
It will then check the site status and if the site is not up it will continue checking every minute.
If the site status is not up, it will then reload the site for you every minute.
This module works at the application level and is independent of DotNetNuke. It will work for any site on any platform.
All of the modules in DotNetNuke have a Trial period after registration, and the KA module does also. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the product, and how to use it.
Once the module has been used, its trial period has elapsed, and the module will go live.
To view information about a module, simply click on it. It will display all of the information about it.
V1.1 – 9/11/2013
Initial release.
V1.0 – 06/06/2013
After testing, I found that for some environments this was not working.
V0.2 – 11/07/2012
This is an open source product for those of you who do not have the resources or time to deploy a DotNetNuke Application.
V0.1 – 10/06/2012
Revision number

System Requirements For DNN Keep Alive:

Minimum specifications recommended for optimal game performance. Note that the minimum specifications listed here represent a baseline. Some games may function more efficiently with more powerful systems. Note that system requirements are subject to change. Game requirements are subject to change or may be removed from a game without notice. If you do not meet the minimum system requirements, you will not be able to play the game.
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U or later, or AMD A8 or Ryzen 5 (