Contoh Boarding Pass Lion Air Pdf Free _VERIFIED_

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Contoh Boarding Pass Lion Air Pdf Free

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ActionBar with Fragments

In Android 4.0, we have the Navigation Drawer as a way to navigate through our app.
Using that, when you click on an item, you navigate to that page with another fragment.
But I can’t seem to find a way to do that on the action bar, the only way i’ve managed to do that is by clicking on the app icon (not an action bar item) and then looking at the overflow menu and clicking on an item.
My question is, how can I do that with an action bar item?


You can use the DrawerLayout to insert your fragments from the overflow menu into a navigation drawer.
The DrawerLayout helps you navigate through your fragments by including the sliding drawer and the nested view controller that holds the fragments. Here is a sample usage.