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only the highest-end computers will be able to sustain the full power of the blg for flame version of baselight. flame users on lower-end pcs will be able to use the free version of blg for flame to deliver suitable results, though will require the installation of a graphics driver for the gpu.

blg for flame is an annual subscription product, available as an upgrade to all baselight users. as baselight is a gpu-based renderer, only the most powerful computers will be able to support blg for flame. you are not asked to purchase a new license for each baselight release, as the new blg for flame version is distributed as a patch to the previous baselight version.

the baselight subscription includes a generous licence for blg for flame to deliver the blg for flame version of baselight. the licence includes access to a minimum of five baselight release versions, plus the newest version of blg for flame as it is released.

it is important that you have available a good suite of grades in the baselight family, as the blg for flame version of baselight relies heavily on being able to find a colour space that is suitable for the grade that is to be applied to it, and a grade that is suitable for the workflow that is in use. it is recommended that the house invests in a mature and proven set of adobe photoshop and adobe flash cs5 grade levels to be better able to support the core creative needs of their customers.

the majority of baselight houses that have been working with blg for flame have experienced a significant reduction in the amount of time that it takes to deliver a baselight grade. this can be due to the fact that the blg for flame version of baselight is automatically distributed as a patch to the previous baselight version, rather than as a new release.

The Baselight for Flame plugin is the first look for Flame users, providing exceptional image quality and enhancing the visual creativity of Flame users. It can be used as a stand-alone product to deliver high-quality, visually pleasing visual effects, or as a brand new visual effects grade offered in the latest versions of Flame.
BLG for Flame is a complete version of the Baselight GPU renderer running inside Flame available for, and compatible with, each major Baselight release going forward. It is only available as an annual subscription and requires Baselight 5.1 or later to partner with. As the product is designed to streamline how the Baselight grade arrives in Flame, there is no grading user interface or control surface support.
Baselight isnt the most user friendly interface in the world so a new user will definitely have to take some time to understand exactly how it works. Theres not a whole lot of information out there on Baselight and the one that is, Baselight Tutorials, has been down for a while. I only understand a fraction of it myself. One use for this plugin, according to the Baselight for FCP website, is education: An editor familiar with Baselight for FCP can easily transition to using the same interface on a fully-configured Baselight system, providing an easy learning and migration path. This would let the colorist unfamiliar with Baselight get up to speed on the interface since the Mac version of Baselight that exists isnt available to the general public. Its only for full Baselight system customers. Since theres a free 14 day trial of Baselight for FCP available you can get a taste of Baselight right on your Mac.