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Developer: TW Software

Version: 2.0

Release Date: June 2, 2016

Price: FREE!

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit, 64 bit and both)

Language: German and English


Getting Started

Getting started with the B-400 Torrent Download is very simple and can be done in a few short steps.

Download the plugin from the TWSoftware website. The B-400 Full Crack is in a folder named “B-400 Crack Keygen” in a subfolder named “Plug-ins.” If you download from the TWSoftware website, you will be taken directly to the download page. Click on the download link on the main TWSoftware home page and you will be taken directly to the download page. A special installer is included with this plugin that allows you to install it right away without having to go through the usual process of downloading, extracting the archive and then having to run the installer.

Step 1: Install the plugin

Go to the “Plug-ins” folder you downloaded the plugin to in your main Windows Explorer folder. You will see a folder named “B-400.” Double click on the “B-400” folder to open it. You will see the folder’s contents in your Windows Explorer. The contents of the B-400 folder should look something like this:

![B-400 Folder Contents][1]

You should see the “B-400 VST Plugin” and “B-400 EXE Installer” folders. Double click on the “B-400 VST Plugin” folder to open it. You will see the plugin’s files in your Windows Explorer.

![B-400 VST Plugin Folder Contents][2]

If you are on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you may also see the B-400 EXE Installer in your Windows Explorer. Simply double click on the “B-400 EXE Installer” folder to open it. Then click on the executable (e.g. B-400.exe). You will see a file (e.g. B-400) open in your Windows Explorer. Double click on that file to install the plugin. Note that the files for the plugin are included in the B-400 folder as well.

![B-400 EXE Installer][3]

B-400 Crack + Product Key

-One of the best 1 vst plugin.
-It was inspired by VST Groove Agents + VST Ocean Drum.
-You can play with parameter LFO / other effects.
-It has large VST2 / AU Plugin formats compatibility.
-It has a very large collection of sounds.
-There is three voice in the B-400 Crack Mac.
-The B-400 has 96 voice polyphony.
-You can change the modulation routings.
-It has 9 songs in the vocal bank.
-It has a TONE page.
-It has a “Lip Click” button.
-You can record your sound.
-The B-400 can be used as a poly synth with a springy piano like sound.
-Its possible to set the OSC 8R SE.
-You can use the B-400.
-V/C presets, many other presets.
-There is a sound bank folder.
-It is easy to modify the sound by using the function of LFO / MOD / CVODE.
-The B-400 is usable as a vocal toy.
-You can change the pitch manually.
-You can change the output plugin.

5) OSC8R SE – oscillator

OSC8R SE is the oscillator module of VST Instrument with a 48-Step Wavetables. This oscillator module is designed to achieve a super-fine tone by using 3 Oscillators with 80+ waveforms. The wave forms can be freely combined with the wavetables. You can easily realize various wave shapes, harmonic and stereo colors. This module is suitable for a variety of uses, from base tones to ambient and so on.

6) OSCAR – analogue synth

OscA is an analogue synthesizer whose waveforms are modeled with a very realistic and detailed machine model. There are various waveforms and modulation sources to add some impressive effects and moods to your music. The wave forms are generated by LFO, CV and arpeggiator, which are modulated with various modulation sources.

This plugin will take the key of your AUV plugin into OscA.

7) OSCAR X – analogue synthesizer

OscA X is an advanced version of OSCAR.

OscA X is an analogue synthesizer whose waveforms are modeled with a very realistic and detailed machine


The plugin has 1 filter and 3 envelope generators. The envelope generators can be split into in pairs as well as with multiple filters. Along with those many controls, there are many control knobs to tweak, trigger events, and shape the filter and envelope waveforms. The filter can be switched into any of 7 different types, either by using presets, or the six preset bank on the unit itself.
*For more in depth analysis of the plugin, see
The B-400 uses a rather unique oscillator which allows for a lot of variation. I would say that the oscillator has the most variety of any plugin I own. The B-400 has the capability to control the oscillator rate as well as a large range of frequencies it is able to produce. The rate control allows the B-400 to run very smoothly and with a small amount of jitter, allowing for some great playing options. The oscillator can be set to slowly increase in pitch as well as slowly increase in frequency. Both of these options have some good applications as well as the standard oscillator settings. The oscillator has a very wide range of waveforms to choose from, the most interesting being the Flutter Wave, which has a very fast and erratic sound.
The most unique feature of the B-400 is the Flutter Engine. The Flutter Engine can be used to generate slow vibrato notes and can provide a special kind of percussive sound.
The three main oscillators provide a very clean output which is the basis for the sound of the B-400. The individual waves are able to be cross-modulated and the output of the three oscillators can be summed together to create an output that has a rich and varied texture.
The output of the three oscillators is able to be routed into either the main output, the clean out or via an aux output to allow the user to process the audio as needed.
When using the Aux output, the user is able to route the audio to either the clean out or the tube simulator channel. The clean out can be used to either provide a clean output or can be used to create a drum machine style pattern with the use of the Sends.
The aux output channels can either be routed to a clean out, a trigger, or the envelope filter. The trigger, when activated, creates a more dry output that is usually utilized for triggering preset patterns in other software instruments. The envelope filter allows for

What’s New In?

The B-400 plugin was developed to be a simple, yet robust synthesizer that provides a myriad of minor tonal variations to a core sound that falls somewhere in between an electronic piano and a basic poly- synth.
This VST utilizes three oscillators (with 32 waveforms each) as well as a leslie / vibrato style flutter engine output as well as two other main output channels; one being a simple clean out, and the other a tube simulator with a 3-Band EQ. Each oscillator is able to be coarse tuned. Special thanks goes to Etric Van Mayer for his excellent Oscil8R SE oscillator module.

The plugin is loaded with a lot of small features, effects, and controls, but the most fundamental of them all is the core oscillator, as this is the most important aspect to producing any type of synthetic waveform. The oscillators are completely manually control and are comprised of one simple EQ with a 3 band-mid wide that controls the upper mids, a mix knob, and the ability to turn off the oscillators entirely. The outputs are provided as a clean out and a tube simulator. The clean out can provide a simpler sound, but also with the tube simulator is useful for providing a warmer sound, as well as a bit of analog distortion.


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* 16,383 presets
* Unique FFT-based algorithm
* 200 unique waveforms, all packed in your presets
* 5 oscillator types and 1 effects section
* Transient-based synthesizer
* 2 effects sections, including an FM-shifter and a low-pass filter
* 8 filters, including a classic analogue filter
* 100 modulation sources (over 300 waveforms and effects), including a great selection of gates
* Unique multi-mode arpeggiator
* Over 35 effects and variations, including an envelope follower and randomiser
* Huge mod matrix, where you can perform every mode, modulation source, envelope, arpeggiator, effects, and modulation with one click of a button
* Auto-oscillate, which keeps the volume locked at the current level (and mixes in the master volume if set)
* Inverted filter
* Four different filter types, including the classic analogue filter
* Sidechain effects
* FX section with over 30 effects
* 34 modulation sources
* 11 envelopes
* 26 LFOs
* 8 arpeggiators
* Unique preset groups
* Multi-mode arpeggiator

System Requirements For B-400:

The minimum requirements for this game are listed below.
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