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Like most CAD programs, AutoCAD is used for drafting, modeling, layout, and documentation. AutoCAD can import and export multiple types of drawing files, including DWG, DXF, SVG, DWF, DWG, IGES, and STEP. It can draw 2D and 3D images.

Other features include the ability to draw freehand and on grids, place dimensions from a reference image, and measure objects and create drawings of objects, such as floor plans and furniture layouts. It can also create perspective views, architectural drawings, and electrical blueprints.

AutoCAD is the first and still one of the most popular desktop CAD application. The programs have grown tremendously since its initial release in the 1980s. For example, Autodesk claims AutoCAD 2009, released in December 2009, has 1.8 million users around the world. It is available in 100 countries and 23 languages.

AutoCAD is one of the most widely used desktop CAD software applications in the world.


AutoCAD was first introduced in December 1982 for the Apple II microcomputer. After the release of the program, Autodesk sought feedback from its users, and in May 1983, Autodesk Research released a smaller version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 80, for Apple II Plus computers. The program was so successful that Autodesk wanted a full-featured version of AutoCAD for Apple II microcomputers. The company believed that a small, fast-growing microcomputer market existed in the “personal” industry (such as in the automotive industry) and a full-featured CAD program was an attractive tool to add to these systems. To make the program compatible with the smaller Apple II hardware, Autodesk needed to create a split screen for the program. With this design, the smaller AutoCAD could be manipulated easily on the second or sometimes even third screen.

In 1984, AutoCAD for the Apple II was renamed AutoCAD II. AutoCAD II was the first fully functional CAD program that would work on Apple II systems and that would be made available to the general public. In 1985, the Macintosh was introduced as an alternate platform for the Apple II, but Autodesk sold the rights to the AutoCAD II name and related trademarks to Apple Computer in 1987 to use the name for the Macintosh CAD software program that would be released in the near future. The program would be named AutoCAD, and would

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(2.0) In AutoCAD 2010 the introduction of multiple objects into a drawing may be represented using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) (Version 1.4).

From AutoCAD 2007
(2007) The.NET assembly architecture allows access to the installed products in a company. More recently, the development of the BIMM (Building Information Modeling) standard, which includes a language and a set of specifications for the representation of information about the building, was incorporated into AutoCAD, facilitating the creation of advanced drawings of architectural building models. This is used by the AutoCAD Architecture extension.
(2007) AutoCAD introduced spatial SQL, which allows to run queries on a database to search and return data based on spatial reference.
(2007) An extension allows a company to remotely view other AutoCAD user’s drawings as well as documents, projects, and drawings linked to the company.
(2007) Part Information management is supported as the ability to create, store, and retrieve specifications for a component and then use that information when creating drawings. The basic types of information are assembly drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and telecommunications drawings.
(2007) AutoCAD supports Visio-like export for its drawing files as XML.
(2007) AutoCAD supports AutoLISP-based customization to extend the application functionality. A third-party AutoCAD extension called NEON allows for the creation of a natural environment, which can be used for 3D modeling, simulations and other visualization tasks.
(2007) AutoCAD introduced timeline-based annotations, such as location, material, and user comments. The comments can be saved in an annotated drawing or exported to external applications such as Microsoft Excel or Visio.
(2007) The AutoCAD Command Line and Publish feature allows the functionality to be extended by writing Autodesk Command Line (AutoCLI) scripts to automate repetitive tasks in AutoCAD.
(2007) New tools that allow users to easily create, convert and edit the PDF files.
(2007) The AutoCAD Architecture extension allows users to automatically create a 3D model of a building.
(2007) The Web Essentials extension allows users to view the product support website. It also allows creation of projects with a simple HTML file.
(2007) AutoCAD supports inclusion of business intelligence in the application.

From AutoCAD 2008
(2008) The.NET assembly architecture allows access

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Extended layouts:

Polar coordinate layouts (PCL) are a powerful new design feature that offer even more efficient drawing. (video: 1:09 min.)

Web version

AutoCAD 2023 is now available as a Web-based application. Users can download AutoCAD directly from the web and use it just as they do from a desktop computer. This version of AutoCAD includes all the features and benefits of a local installation, with additional access to a full set of features.

Autodesk is excited to provide the opportunity for customers to use AutoCAD online, and will continue to make it easier for all users to create, share and collaborate on designs.

Unified User Interface:

Users now have a single application that provides a single-window, two-paned interface to AutoCAD. To manage the transition, a customized user interface called the DRAWING tab has been added to the Home tab. This tab provides access to many of the same drawing capabilities as the previous view, with a consistent appearance and functionality.

Quick Tools

AutoCAD now includes Quick Tools. Quick Tools are self-expanding toolbars that provide access to drawing tools. These tools are color-coded to indicate how they can be used to edit existing objects or create new objects in a specific category.

My Designs

A My Designs feature is now available in AutoCAD. Users can create and manage saved versions of their drawings. Users can now easily send their drawings to a My Designs folder on the web or to a device. The saved files can be used to create completely new drawings or used to complete existing drawings. You can also save a version of a drawing in.dwg format for offline use.

Cloud-based Collaboration

AutoCAD is now available as a web-based application. AutoCAD works in parallel with other services on the Internet and the cloud. AutoCAD features work through the cloud. This web-based application provides the same level of performance as the desktop version, but with the benefit of automatic updates and collaboration.

Faster and more efficient

AutoCAD includes some major performance improvements. These include an update to the spatial indexing system for improved performance. The rendering system has been updated to use newer technologies. The AutoCAD System Manager is now used as the engine that runs all AutoCAD operations.

Enhanced collaboration

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