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Examples of vector, raster, and architectural (3D) drawings available from the AutoCAD product catalog.

Drawing Types

How AutoCAD Draws: Vector and Raster


A vector drawing consists of a geometric shape, called a vector object, that is composed of lines and curves, and, optionally, can be filled and shaded. The lines and curves of a vector object are geometrically precise, but can be constructed to represent any shape or any degree of detail, in contrast to raster images that are created by laying down small dots, each representing a single pixel.

Geometric precision is important in a vector drawing because the geometric shapes are used as the basis for other drawings. For example, the lines of a vector drawing can be used as the basis for a series of raster drawings representing the same drawing. The geometric precision of a vector drawing also allows drawings to be scaled to any desired size, and the accuracy of the drawing can be changed from very fine to very coarse without changing its appearance. The appearance of a vector drawing is controlled by its visual style, which is customizable by the user. A vector drawing can also be manipulated by the user to create the appearance of shadows, reflections, and transparency.

The lines and curves of a vector drawing are represented in a high-resolution bitmap image. The drawing is made up of a series of consecutive line and curve commands that define the shape of the line or curve, followed by visual style commands that specify how the line or curve should be displayed. The lines and curves of a vector drawing are stored in a separate file that is called a master file. Vector drawings can be saved to a file (a bitmap) called a DWG (Drawing). However, the lines and curves of a vector drawing can also be saved to a separate file that is a template, a format used to create other drawings, called an DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) or DWF (Drawing Work File).


A raster image consists of a grid of pixels in the image. A pixel is a single dot of color at a specific position on the grid. Each pixel is composed of red, green, blue, or alpha (alpha) channels that are used to store the color of the dot. The color of a pixel is defined by its RGB or RGBA values. Each RGB or RGBA value represents a ratio of the red, green, blue,

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3D drawing exchange format
Autodesk introduced the DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file type to allow interoperability between 3D applications.


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What’s New In?

Get started with integrated SketchBook support:

Open a preview of your designs directly from SketchBook and easily add annotations to your drawing.

Integrated CAD viewer and undo manager:

The revision history is now always visible in the status bar. Undo and redo are always available. (video: 1:10 min.)

Revision history is always visible in the status bar. Undo and redo are always available. (video: 1:10 min.) Enhancements to Form templates and in-line documentation:

Create and edit forms faster with simplified menus. Edit and create form layouts directly from the ribbon. View and edit in-line documentation from the ribbon.

Edit documents in other apps:

View CAD documents in the Windows file explorer. You can open the same document in other apps, such as Notepad. When you close the document in Notepad, the changes made to the drawing document are reflected in the drawing when you open it again.

Get started faster:

A new, expanded Help system that walks you through an intuitive set of prompts to get you started.

The ability to work with a wide range of new file types, including AutoCAD Binary, Ms Project, DGN, SheetSet and Worksheet Object, through new or improved interfaces.

New application defaults that optimize your experience:

New, improved options to control the pen and highlighter tool and the tab positions of toolbars and menus.

New user interface style, new icons and fonts, and more.

New user interface style, new icons and fonts, and more. Improvements to creating forms:

A new QuickForm tool that generates complete and customizable forms from within a drawing.

A new simple drawing toolbar:

The toolbar is now smaller and its tabs are more flexible.

When working with multiple viewports, the toolbar is moved to the first or last viewport, depending on the workflow.

The toolbar is now smaller and its tabs are more flexible. When working with multiple viewports, the toolbar is moved to the first or last viewport, depending on the workflow. Simplified user interfaces, improved navigation and toolbars:

Toolbars and the ribbon have been simplified.

The basic tool palette, options menu and ribbon are now available as tabs.

Each tool has its own tab.

Use the submen

System Requirements:

Game Modes:
1. Story Mode (single-player)
2. Survival Mode (multi-player)
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