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Microsoft Office is a collection of proprietary office productivity applications which includes software designed for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

AutoCAD Crack is the most widely used CAD software, followed by AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 360. There are three versions of AutoCAD and three versions of AutoCAD LT: AutoCAD 2010 (14.3.1), AutoCAD 2011 (13.0), and AutoCAD 2012 (15.0). There are also three versions of AutoCAD LT: AutoCAD LT 2009 (10.0), AutoCAD LT 2010 (10.2), and AutoCAD LT 2012 (10.3). AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2009 are the latest versions, but there is no AutoCAD LT 2013, as there is no AutoCAD 2015.

This article shows how to install and use AutoCAD 2013. AutoCAD 2013 is suitable for novice users, while advanced users may find AutoCAD 2014 to be better suited to their needs.

On 29 September 2016, Autodesk announced that the AutoCAD 2018 software family is available free of charge for students and instructors at Autodesk University as well as independent Autodesk partners.

The following articles describe the steps to install and use AutoCAD 2013:

Download and install AutoCAD 2013

Download, install and use AutoCAD 2013

AutoCAD 2013 is a Windows desktop application with a 2.7 megabyte (MB) download size. The AutoCAD 2018 software package is a collection of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT apps for students and instructors at Autodesk University as well as independent Autodesk partners. This free software is available for non-commercial use only.

Download and install AutoCAD 2013

To download and install AutoCAD 2013:

For Windows users

Download the AutoCAD 2013.exe installer from the Autodesk download page, or use the AutoCAD 2013 link to download the latest release.

Double-click the.exe installer to launch the setup program.

Choose Install for the “Installation Type” option, and then click Next.

Choose the language that you want to use, and then click Next.

If you are using a 32-bit operating system, choose the “AutoCAD 32-bit” option. If you are using a

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It is also possible to code in C++ with AutoLISP using the C++ Native Extension Library.

VBA for AutoCAD
VBA for AutoCAD users can write custom VBA code for AutoCAD. VBA code for AutoCAD can be stored as a macro in AutoCAD and then called by the user. This allows a significant increase in productivity and the ability to create tools, add-ons, or macros.

By using Visual Studio, the user can also create both VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) components and normal standalone modules that can be deployed on the PC of a user or website. However, because of performance and scalability reasons, users may decide to create their add-ons in AutoCAD.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Exchange Apps are available for download from the Autodesk Exchange Application Manager.

At the release of AutoCAD 2012, AutoCAD Exchange Apps are still based on VBA and/or.NET, and those apps cannot be upgraded to newer versions of the software.

AutoCAD Exchange Apps are generally standalone applications that run on Windows, Mac OS, and/or Linux platforms, and which connect directly to the software through the application programming interface (API) provided by AutoCAD. The user can typically install the app in the same way as other AutoCAD applications, through the standard Windows file system.

AutoCAD Exchange Apps can be downloaded as individual applications, or through an Exchange App bundle, which includes the software and its content (e.g., templates and macros) and the company’s support. The company’s support is available for a number of Exchange Apps through a subscription service and it also has a remote technical support system.


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What’s New In?

Drawings now support annotations from both your own desktop and from your mobile device. Download annotations from your mobile device and import them to your drawings as well as edit them directly on the CAD drawing.

Increased 3D modeling capability:

3D extrusion and lofting. AutoCAD now supports extruding three-dimensional objects into the 2D plane, as well as creating lofted, or angled, surfaces.

3D tracer. The 3D tracer option lets you draw a 3D object and then select it to display, analyze, or cut with a box. It’s a great tool for tracing, styling, and slicing objects.

Improved parametric surfaces and Revit elements. AutoCAD’s parametric surfaces and Revit elements support are stronger than ever.

Smart Fill:

Fill with data from other documents. With the new document fill feature, you can automatically fill a CAD drawing with data from the Revit project and reference your design data from SolidWorks, AutoCAD LT, or Microsoft Excel.

Improved Revit cloud-based drawing experience. With the Revit cloud drawing feature, you can download and open your drawings directly from a cloud-based source.

Other new features:

Support for greater AutoCAD cloud security. AutoCAD supports some of the most common and secure cloud-based storage options, and integrates with more than 50 partners and services to make sure you can work safely and securely from your mobile device.

AutoCAD’s native Python scripting language. You can now use Python to interact with CAD data, automate your own workflows, and add functionality to your drawings.

New XML-based data formats for Revit and other 3D modeling applications. Your CAD and Revit models can now be converted into XML files and vice versa. The new XML-based format also allows AutoCAD to import certain data that’s native to Revit.

Saving AutoCAD drawings on smartphones and tablets. Use your mobile device to create, edit, and send your drawings, all without having to load a PC-based software package. You can also quickly access drawings from your mobile device.

New Revit elements. The new Revit elements provide improved support for a variety of workflows and easier ways to create and manage elements for Revit designs.

Revit customization. The new Revit Custom

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Mac OS 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11
* Dual Core Intel, AMD, or ARM x86 CPU
* Intel HD Graphics 3000 / AMD HD Graphics 4000 / Radeon HD 4770 or higher.
* 2 GB RAM
* DirectX 9.0c
* 1280×720 resolution (16:9 or 16:10)